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"A delicious healthy option"

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"Cheese Fountains"


Xoc-Art has now added a brand new selection of products to our portfolio which we are sure are going to be as popular as our chocolate fountains.
You have heard the expression chalk and cheese, well we have gone one further to combine chocolate and cheese.

This tasty new and attractive idea works perfectly at any function either as a centrepiece on the buffet table or as an appetizer for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, private functions wine tastings etc.
For those of you looking for a savoury option, the cheese fountain is the ultimate solution.

This delicious fondue is made with tasty Cheddar cheese and is lightly .seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper

Dipping items can include:
Cocktail Sausages, Meatballs, Chicken Fingers, Bread Sticks, Assorted Breads, Sliced Sausage, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli Florets, Celery Stalks, Olives, cheese Crackers, Tortilla Chips, Corn Chips, Wheat Thins, Potato Chips, fresh fruit such as grapes, melon, orange, pineapple and more!


Used as a savoury canapé at a reception or as the ultimate after dinner cheese board, our cheese fondue fountains are guaranteed to create a fantastic tasting talking point.

Why not try our mouthwatering speciallity dishes which can be offered in addition to the normal cheese fountain selection:

Salsa dip
Blue cheese dip

Selected Sushi platters

Wasabi Sauce
Teriyaki Dip

Satay Chicken

Tempura vegatable platter

Croquettes (ham, chicken or fish)
Fish balls

Mini savory spring rolls

We can also prepare other speciality dishes on request.
Please contact us for our price list.


Cheese Fountains

Xoc-Art Cheese Fountains - Delicious healthy options